Secure and integrated Data Center Infrastructure

Founded in 2021, PT Cipta Aset Digital provides data center infrastructure solutions with enterprise-grade secure encryption and integrated management systems.

We utilized modern operating system and security, with emphasize on values for a long-term partnership and never-ending innovations with a competitive spirit to always strive for the best.

Exceptional services

Providing everything you and your data center needs

With the help of our experienced staffs and professionals, we are commited to provide exceptional services and never-ending innovations for you and your data centers.

Transparent Pricing

With fixed usage fees and no other hidden fees, you are able to estimate your costs for every billing period.

Service Level Agreement

Comes with a contract defining things you can expect from our services and associated responsibilities.

Advanced Encryption

Providing you with advanced encryption and other security measures by default for every data center infrastructures.

Powerful APIs

Utilizes a set of powerful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate every data center infrastructures.

Periodic Maintenances

There's no longer any need to worry about repair and maintenance for your data center infrastructures.

Regular Backups

Every data center infrastructure is regularly backed up, with each backups being encrypted by default.


We're here to help

Our support team is always ready to help you along with our experienced and professional staffs, understanding data center infrastructures with experience on popular frameworks and programming languages.